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Courreges Membership
It's never to late to join the Courreges PTA!  We urge you to become a member and help continue to support our great school. Membership is $10/person.  Envelopes are available on the PTA bulletin board at school. Please email Patricia Ostovarpour at with any questions.

Support our 5th Grade Outdoor Education Program so our kids can go to camp! Click here to donate: Camp Donations

Have a great summer! Check back in August for the new school year information!

2014-2015 School Year Calendar - Click here

Box Tops Contest Results

The final counts are in for this year's Box Top Ice Cream contest. Drum roll please.......................
Lower Core Winner..........Mrs. Ostovarpour with 2,569 Box Tops
Upper Core Winner..........Mrs. Dennis and Mrs. Epling with 1,538 Box Tops

Our two top classes will be having their ice cream party on Monday. Congratulations to all the classes for bringing in a total of 27,369 Box Tops this school year.  We beat our total from last year by 2,000 box tops!! Keep collecting over the summer.  Our contest will start back up in September. For class totals please click here: Box Tops

Casino Night UPDATE!

Our first Casino Night was a huge success.  Over 140 parents, friends and staff came to support our Outdoor Education Program and helped to raise $10,000.  This is a fantastic result for our first year.  It was also a ton of fun.

PTA would like to thank Meg Westrup for chairing the event and doing an amazing job in a seemingly impossible timeframe.  We would also like to thank Chris and Bobbie Banner who were instrumental in making this event a success.  Liesel Zepeda helped to bring in a ton of auction items and we are so grateful.  A dedicated group also helped out the night of the event.  Thank you to Erica Lundquist, Erin Volz, Karen Hammond, Misty Moore, Andrea Oberg, Jennifer Cain, Sandy O’Toole, Tam & Christine Nguyen and Laura & Michael Giuntoli.  If there was a grade for this event it would be an A+!

Community Events
Looking for activies in our community? Click on the community events tab for all of the current flyers for after school programs, summer camps and more!

Absence Hotline 714-378-4283
Please call before 10am when your child is going to be absent. 
Click here for more information: Absence

Student Cafeteria Accounts
Parent Support 1-855-832-5226